The mysterious appeal of mountains has drawn seasoned travelers since time began: from great explorers looking for fabulous riches to those in search of contemplative peace at Shangri-La, plus adventurers seeking the glory of an Everest ascent...

This unique appeal has become a source of inspiration, and it is here where we find our roots, here we find Kavya.

By harmoniously balancing the cultural riches of Nepali mountain lifestyle with the most refined methods of comfort and epicurean practices, we have created a unique resort. A place where traditional terrace farming, and forest foraging seamlessly blends with the very best of world class service and understated elegance.

Traditional lifestyles in mountain communities around the world revolve around an understanding of seasonality and the surrounding ecosystem. It is from this wisdom where we draw the inspiration to create our food and beverage concept.

Changing seasons are the lifeblood of nature, and all living beings reflect the ever changing nature of seasonality, adapting their growth and behavior to the great yearly cycle. With natural wisdom perfected by countless generations before them, they make the best possible use of the resources available at any given moment.

For us, true luxury means using nothing but the best ingredients at their best moment. An understanding of the seasons helps us to achieve this goal, whether it is by knowing the perfect time to plant and harvest organic vegetables in our hill terrace gardens, or by going into the forest with our local experts on foraging treks to pick only the ripest wild berries and most luscious herbs and greens.

True luxury is experiencing in the ingredients, as in a fine wine, the full character of a terroir, the whole diversity of flavors contained within it and the parade of seasonal variation this land shares with us.

At Kavya, season means fresh. We do not rely on artificial methods to force ingredients onto our table. Season to us means sensibility, to understand the uniqueness of each ingredient, and to make the best use of this uniqueness. Also Season means not settling for any inferior, off season products just for the sake of completing a menu.

Continuing down the road of natural cycles, we also draw inspiration from the food and beverages of other mountain communities from all around the world. From the Pyrenees, where pilgrims on the Santiago Road were fed Aligot by monks in the mountain pass, to the majestic Andes where the Incas harvested quinoa for the first time. On through to Mt. Fuji’s traditional noodle soup, Hoto; the Apennines and the earliest forms of pasta like Testaroli, the legendary smoked Mostbrockli from the swiss Alps or our own Himalayas, where on a cold winter night the Tibetan millet beer Tongba is sure to warm your body and your heart…

Our food is the product all these influences, and of course Nepal's own cuisine. As a result, our unique approach to mountain food delivers a careful blend of local and other seasonal ingredients, with traditional inspiration supported by modern techniques.