At Kavya we aim to inspire, so our chef has designed a set of experiences absolutely unique to our resort taking advantage of the rich Nepalese culture and the awe inducing landscape.


Organic Garden Rendezvous: Take an invigorating stroll through our beautiful terraced organic gardens, leisurely picking the ripest ingredients and then enjoy watching our chefs transform them into your next meal on our garden mobile kitchen station.


Aila Pouring Ceremony: Aila is the Nepalese sacred spirit of joy, gatherings and feasts. Participate in the Pouring Ceremony, from the blue flame which proves the spirit is Pure, to the traditional high pouring and drink this strong, perfumed Himalayan spirit to celebrate the divine essence present in everyone.


Foraging treks: Join our expert guides in an exciting trek through the forest and participate in the wisdom of the local forest people by gathering wild edibles, according to the season: wild ramps and garlic in spring, golden Himalaya berries in summer and autumn, nuts and seeds in winter and delicious cooking herbs all year round, and have them cooked for you in traditional and modern dishes.


Sunrise breakfast: Words simply cannot convey the magnificence of the sun rising from the Himalayas, its something to be experienced. For this, we have created our sunrise breakfast, setting up a sun inspired table, delicious yet discreet in order to let you just enjoy the breathtaking view.


Khuwa and beyond: Nepalese dessert class: Unfortunately, Nepalese desserts have received very little international attention and are almost unknown outside the country. At Kavya, we strongly feel the delicate flavors of traditional Nepalese sweets deserve much more love and recognition, and thus we want to invite our guests to join us and learn how to prepare some of them to help spread the good word all around the world.


Lapte Bhoj- Newar feast: An old nepali saying claims “Brahmin can’t help scheming, Monarchs can’t help merry making, Newar can’t help feasting”. Lapte Bhoj is the traditional feast of the Newar people of Kathmandu valley, and it’s an experience of such a cultural uniqueness we can’t help but loving it. At the Bhoj (feast), food from the three realms is served -Underworld, Human world and God realm; the first two types of food are served first, in handwoven leaf plates, along with Aila, the traditional spirit. After this, a small intermission with a digestive local fruit called Lapsi marks the transition to the God realm food: the famous local curds and sweets, compotes and fruit. The Aila inspires a warmth which drives inhibitions away, and so the festive, chatty and delicious feast’s reputation to cement community sense and foster new friendships is easily understood. Join us for our Lapte Bhoj and you might learn first-hand why Newar people can’t help feasting


Traditional tea craft: Tea connoisseurs around the world consider Nepali Himalayan Tea to be one of the best kept secrets in the world, and their opinion is backed by the many world championships medals it has won in recent years, consistently ranking above more famous Darjeeling and Chinese teas. Our tea experts will share with you the perfect cup of tea according to your preference; by itself or perfumed in the traditional nepalese way with ginger, peppercorns, cloves, bayleaf and green and black cardamom.


Spice journey: Take a culinary journey with our Chef and explore the many spices grown and used in Nepal; their uses, their role in traditional and modern medicine, the different mixes (masalas) and enjoy the alluring mystery of their perfume in custom made dishes highlighting them.

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Enology and tastings: Inside our gorgeous stone Wine Cellar, we lovingly store a very careful selection of wines from all around the world; from limited stock small batch growers to the greatest legendary labels, our sommelier will guide you through varietals, blends and vintages in horizontal and vertical tastings designed to suit your preferences and pleasantly surprise your senses.


Nepalese drinks tasting- Jaandh, Tongba, Aila: In Newar tantric practices, alcoholic beverages are not only permitted but prescribed for a fuller spiritual life, and with this spirit we invite you to explore the uniqueness of Nepal’s beverages. Try Jaandh, the sweet, cloudy rice beer which legend claims was responsible for the completion of the Sammya Monastery when Guru Padmasabhava sprinkled it on the unfinished building ; warm your body and heart with Tongba, the hot tibetan millet beer, so delicious and comforting that himalayan Yeti are said to raid villages just to drink it. Ceremoniously drink Aila, the joyous and festive nepalese spirit said to attune our bodies to the divine joy in all of us. All drinks, of course, accompanied by carefully paired side dishes.

On food and cooking, for the young chefs:

First hand contact with food sources and preparation has proven to be one of the most effective methods of ensuring healthy and conscious eating habits in children; this is why we would love to go from farm to table with the youngest members of your family exploring ingredients in our organic gardens, tasty and easy recipes in our special cooking station and finally sharing the meal they prepared with their families.


In villa BBQ: Few aromas in the world are more distinctive than the smoky, earthy scent of food being cooked by the fiery embrace of a good charcoal fire. The characteristic flavor, the delightfully familiar charred smell and our unique ingredients, techniques and marinades, inspired in the best grills around the world, will come to your private Villa BBQ, fueled by koyla, the ancestral nepalese charcoal wine pairing


En plein air lunch: Picnics wonderfully pair the ages old human ritual of sharing a meal and the allure of nature’s serenade; we at Kavya, surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes, have taken it to heart to create the perfect picnic meals to honor the magnificence of our nepalese wilderness. Set your senses free to rejoice in the sounds and sights of nature while enjoying our selection of outdoor wines and picnic meal sets, apart from man made noise and worries.


Ice cream bar: From the creamiest Kulfi to the lightest sherbet, house made frozen treats will be available for your enjoyment, including custom made flavors made upon your specifications, non dairy desserts and our signature milkshakes.


Kavya Tiffin box: Specially crafted for early and late departures, our signature Kavya tiffin sets go with you so you can enjoy our cuisine one last time before you have to go.