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Luxury Resort in Nagarkot

Kavya Himalayas
Nestled on a serene hill, Kavya Himalayas offers colorfully retreat surrounded by lush forests and vibrant birdlife. The natural sanctuary provides an ideal environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. Explore winding trails amidst ancient trees and colorful wildflowers, encountering native wildlife

Rustic Luxury
Nestled in a secluded enclave amidst the awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape, Kavya Himalayas invites you to unwind and rediscover yourself. Our retreat offers a blend of rustic luxury and contemporary wellness, with thoughtfully curated spaces like a tranquil library for quiet introspection and a charming plaza for connecting with nature. Our eco-conscious initiatives preserve Nepal's natural beauty, ensuring your stay is both nourishing and environmentally responsible.

Exquisite Mountain Living
At Kavya Himalayas, our buildings are inspired by the surrounding hills, seamlessly blending into the natural landscape and offering an unparalleled mountain living experience. With breathtaking views of the Himalayas boasting a 220-degree panorama, every moment feels like a dream come true. Step onto the verandah and immerse yourself in the sensation of floating amidst the sky, as the beauty of nature envelops you in tranquility and awe. Discover the magic of mountain living at Kavya Himalayas



Nestled in the profuse jungle, Junior is a 56 sqm. with a poetically landscaped front yard that connects the driveway via cascading steps. This suite is a romantic crash pad designed to give your family a moment of tranquility. With beautifully adorned living floor for you to laze boasts with a well-appointed patio overlooking the mesmerizing Himalayas. In contrast, the luxurious bedrooms on the upper levels adorn hanging verandas.

One Bed Room Villa

Enliven your senses in this chic and eclectic 140 sqm. One Bedroom Villa. The expansive living room space on the entry-level with wall-to-wall windows perfectly captures the views of the majestic mountains. At the same time, the romantic bedroom on the upper level is adorned with opulence and splendor. Be it the bespoke furnishings, tastefully done floorings and ceilings, or the luxe bedroom ambience, you wouldn’t want to leave any of it behind. The bedroom further opens to a large open-air hot tub and a private cabana. Get ready for an experience genuinely idyllic and intimate!

Two Bed Room Villa

The Two-Bedroom Villa is 240 Sqm. laid out on vast land, affording an uninterrupted view of the hotel’s magnificent, landscaped garden. The shrubbery and the perfectly manicured lawns proffer a splendid view of the majestic Himalayan backdrop. Adorned by elegant design elements and contemporary craftsmanship, this Two-Bedroom studio villa has everything incorporated to attract you never to want to go back home. Fall in love, not with a person this time, but with a place!


High profile event on your mind? Be it a board meeting, strategy summit, conference, corporates party, team outing or a personal occasion like a birthday, anniversary or an intimate wedding; we have an ideal venue just for you. An undeniable desire to organize any intimate experience or event is fulfilled with our spellbinding venue. What you would witness here is our exquisite venue in a rural landscape, all yours to deck up. No matter what occasion it is, you will have the time of your life here. See for yourself.

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Plan your vacation ahead of time and take advantage of special offers. Discover the best time to book your villas and enjoy all of the resort's amenities at a price. Enjoy a genuinely eco-sensitive luxury villa resort nestled in the natural paradise of a lushly forested valley and set against the majestic Himalayan mountain range.