Discover the exquisite culinary creations at the Kavya Resorts amidst tasteful interiors to experience a gastronomic and sensory delight at the same time.


"At Kavya's weavers and potters, our chefs offer exclusive gourmet dishes handpicked to keep you warm and cozy in the chilly weather of Nepal".We aim to please you and make your face beam with joy as you dig into your first bite. We create fusions with freshly picked local ingredients and exotic delicacies from diverse regions on the table. For your varied tastes, we have whipped up a whole range of menus, so while you are in Nepal, you can still take a gastronomical journey to any corner of the world. The wide array of food and drink options will leave you enthralled, Italian cuisine, Pan-asian, meditation, mountain cuisine typical nepalese and newari cuisine- when we serve food, we ensure it is the best and authentic, and there is always something extraordinary for everyone.

Start your day with a delectable yet nutrient-dense morning meal that includes cold-pressed juices, a variety of bread, organic honey, egg in your style, homestyle jams & marmalades, freshly-cut fruits, parathas (stuffed flatbread) and all the genuinely satisfying good things you get a craving for in the early hours.

Take a break from your daytime vacation rituals and treat yourself well with deliberately light, refreshing dishes & drinks that not just pump in some much-needed calories for those delightful hikes and trails but also fill up your senses with aromatic charisma. All this while you spoil yourself with the abundant hospitality innate to Nepali culture

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At sundown, we make food a charming affair for you. Here at 'The Tavern', you will witness an upscale full-service speciality dining place with a fully-stocked high-end bar.

If Pizza is the only name that clicks your mind the moment you think Italian, welcome to an epicurean voyage that lays an array of north Italian food and Alpine cuisine on your table that'll make your jaw drop.

To accentuate your evenings and let your palate explore our wide array of unique cuisines. Designed keeping the surrounding forest in mind and helping keep cold at bay. Pair your meal with your favourite drink and indulge yourself. The Tavern combines luxury and comfort to celebrate food, liquor and an ambience that fills you with joy.